The Beginning

By Dan Stalker

Writing and publishing a book, especially your first, can be quite a journey. There are tasks and trials at every step. In this author?s blog I will talk about the challenges an aspiring author may face, and how he learns as he overcomes each one.

Getting Started

My first challenge was deciding what book to write. So much to be said, so little time. As a Christian, the topics abound. What to do? Not a problem – go with God. What tweaks my heartstrings? What inspires me the most? Where do I feel I can make a lasting contribution? The book begins from deep within.

One day while studying some materials on the gospels I thought, “Why hasn’t anybody written a book on this?” The next thought was, “Maybe I should do it.”

There it was.

I immediately began to think about a framework for presenting, showcasing my ideas. How could this best be presented? What would communicate? How could it be done simply, in a way anyone would be blessed to read? What would allow plenty of room for depth for the more curious readers? There are so many ways to handle a topic.

It only took about 20 minutes to nail down a format that would work. Perhaps not surprisingly, but although I am much further along in this process today, the framework remains.

Digging Deeper

Then I began gathering ideas and material, resources, quotes. Beyond the direction I was heading, I needed to see what else was out there, what had already been written. So I read. Thought. Picked up some historical perspective. And took lots of notes. (Besides supplying material, these will come in handy when citing sources and building a bibliography.)

I recognize the need to be an authority on this subject. One of the themes common to authors’ blogs and YouTube videos and a recent writers’ conference was – don’t rush it. There are many steps to publishing a book. We should not rush any of them. So I am taking the time and being thorough. Why? Whether I do or don’t, it is going to show!

Next blog, we will look at my writing process.

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