Full Bible Studies

These books clarify Eastern customs and principles of Scripture interpretation that will benefit the reader from Genesis to Revelation.

Bishop K. C. Pillai grew up in portions of India that practiced the same customs we read about in the Scriptures but do not understand. Light Through an Eastern Window was written so that more Christians may be encouraged to trust in the Word of God, and believe more deeply through understanding.

How to Enjoy the Bible guides readers in the adventure of honest and open Bible study – allowing God’s Word to speak for itself, and establishing the integrity of Scripture based on its own internal evidence.

The New Manners & Customs of the Bible has over 700 Scripture references, in sequence, from Genesis to Revelation, hundreds of cross-references, dozens of popular expressions that came from the Bible, and many black and white illustrations and photographs.

Young's Analytical Concordance

Young’s?Analytical Concordance allows any student of the Bible to see every place a Greek or Hebrew word is used in the Bible, and from those determine its meaning. The names of persons and places are also included, with separate entries for those having similar or identical names.

The Companion Bible has in-depth and extensive marginal notes on the structure of the biblical text, explanations of Hebrew words and their use, charts, parallel passages, lists of proper names, calendars, and timelines, along with cross references and 198 appendixes. By E. W. Bullinger.

Many consider Bullinger’s Figures of Speech Used in the Bible to be the best on this subject. It defines 217 distinct figures of speech present in Scripture. The pronunciation and etymology of each figure’s name, along with a number of Scripture passages in which it appears, completes each entry.

The Revised English Version? (REV?) is the New Testament version by Spirit & Truth Fellowship International?. They call it the REV because they are presenting a revised version of earlier English versions, primarily the American Standard Version of 1901 (ASV), which was used as the base text for their work. Free to download or read online.

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