Fellowship Teachings

Fellowship Teachings

How Important is Chronology

How Important is Chronology?

A clear order of events would make the gospels more believable because it would fit with what we innately understand - time. But the gospels are so different from one another! We must go beyond the mathematical model to see how they fit together.

Winning People

The Lord Jesus lovingly and consistently found and won those hungering for the truth. Let's follow his example.

The Lord Jesus, Our Champion

Are you waiting for a Champion to wipe out this pandemic? Jesus Christ already paid the price for our total and complete victory. He accomplished this and much more 2000 years ago!

Stir Up the Gift of God

Walking by the spirit is not a formula. It?s not a dance step, It is a relationship, a two-way conversation, between you and the Father.
What Now? We Witness as Jesus did.

A Few Thoughts on Leadership

As we are to walk by faith, so should we lead by faith. As we are to walk by the spirit, so should we lead by the spirit.