Stir Up the Gift of God

Walking by the spirit is not a formula. It?s not a dance step, It is a relationship, a two-way conversation, between you and the Father.
What Now? We Witness as Jesus did.

A Few Thoughts on Leadership

As we are to walk by faith, so should we lead by faith. As we are to walk by the spirit, so should we lead by the spirit.

The Writer as Craftsman

Writing is a craft. This writer needs to become a craftsman with words, and with the rules of the English language.

The Beginning

Writing and publishing a book can be quite a journey. This is how the journey to publishing my first book began.
Jesus Today

Grow up! Grow up! Grow up!

The Church grows and matures as every part in the Body of Christ grows and matures. That?s right, every part. So let?s grow up!