A Few Thoughts on Leadership

By Dan Stalker

As we are to walk by faith, so should we lead by faith.

As we are to walk by the spirit, so should we lead by the spirit.

In our youth some of us enrolled in a leadership training program designed to train leaders for a lifetime of Christian service. Their question was – Are you a leader?

During their outreach training, this same ministry taught that we all have the spirit of God, Christ in us.  We are all leaders. They presented principles of Christian leadership from Charles Jones? Life is Tremendous, who taught if you are living you are leading.

Two extremes on leadership, perhaps.

In between came those that heard God?s call and took on the responsibility of leading a fellowship. Many times without formal training because they were laborers together with God. This was an on-the-job, following others? examples, seeing a need in someone?s life and out of love for God and them rising up to meet it type of training.

Since love never fails and God always supplies, they had one success after another. They became the leaders God needed out of their love for Him, and by walking by the spirit He had given them.

Could this last group define spiritual leadership development? A man or woman becomes a leader for God when they realize God called them – body, soul and spirit, with all their strengths and all their weaknesses – He called them to live and speak for Him. And then they decide to learn what it takes to do that.

Our devotion to God and love for Him compels us to make the commitment. Our ability to deliver God?s goodness grows as we are willing to step up and operate His wonderful gift.

As we are to walk by faith, so should we lead by faith.

As we are to walk by the spirit, so should we lead by the spirit.

Walking by way of the faith of Jesus Christ and walking by or in the spirit are both talking about the same reality. We have this great gift within that we received when we were born again. God works in us via that spirit to show us both the long game and the short game, the vision for where we are heading and the details along the way. Like Abraham, we don?t always know our destination, but we do know we?re heading in the right direction.

Walking by the spirit involves learning to operate the manifestations of the spirit, starting with the greatest tool in our toolbox, speaking in tongues.  It is the Swiss army knife of the manifestations. It is perfect prayer. It is true worship. It magnifies God, making His presence and power a greater reality than all the concerns of this world.

It builds us up spiritually so we can do what God called us to do. It gives rest to the soul and is the refreshing we all need at times. It is speaking divine secrets with the Father, preparing the way for things in the future.

It teaches us to sanctify the things of the spirit, to recognize and set them apart from the things of our mind. Later on this will keep us from inserting our own words and phrases into the worship manifestations, or confusing our own thinking with revelation given to us.

It also shows us how to operate the other manifestations ? we just begin, knowing God will energize and supply. We prove this every time we decide to operate the worship manifestations to bless one another. God never fails us. Neither will He fail us as we rely on Him for the revelation we need to lead, teach, instruct, minister, heal and reconcile one another in the Body of Christ.

As we are to walk by faith, so should we lead by faith.

As we are to walk by the spirit, so should we lead by the spirit.

Do you want to fulfill your ministry before the Father?  Pour out your heart to him, spend time in prayer, and speak in tongues more and more. That is how you begin learning the great things God has planned for you.

The one great work of the Spirit is to direct the heart.
–VPW, The Counsel of the Lord

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